Alaska Glacial Mud Masques

Face masks are an important part of your skincare regimen. They treat a variety of skin concerns, and I personally use 1-2 kinds on a weekly basis depending on the skin issue I want to target. Last week I received samples of the Natural Glacial Facial Mud Masques from Alaska Glacial Mud Co. They were trial sizes that came in: unscented, vanilla-lavender and lavender-peppermint scents. These masques are made with active ingredients like Glacial Clay and Silt that come from Alaska. They contain many trace elements that are beneficial for your skin. ‘Active’ ingredients penetrate in your skin to deliver specific functions. Which is why it’s important you have a mask in your skincare routine. These Glacial Mud Masques also include organic and wild botanical extracts. They’re made without parabens, colors, fillers, synthetic fragrances, pthalates and propylene glycol. In fact the scents come from essential oils as indicated on their name. 

The first mask I tried was the vanilla-lavender. It was very easy to apply, rich and creamy in texture and was not harsh or rough on the skin. One trial size pack is just enough for 1 use. Its scent wasn’t over powering and the lavender was calming. I left this mask on while cleaning the house. It dried up quickly after application and will dry up faster on dehydrated skins. Some mud masks I’ve used before start to feel tight and uncomfortable once it dried but not with this mask. In fact, I must have had it on for about 30 minutes and still felt okay. I washed it off with a warm cloth and my skin was noticeably soft after. Even now, 3 days later as I write this post, I’m touching my skin and it still feels soft and nourished even without a moisturiser on. One thing I would like to point out, the day after I applied this mask, I noticed a pimple on my left cheek. I wasn’t surprised because I knew this could be an effect from the ‘detoxifying’ ingredients in the mask. Most people get scared and immediately rule out products when they get the same reaction. If you have enlarged pores, oily or decongested skin, don’t be alarmed. Skin that is decongested usually feel rough because underneath the pores are clogged up needing an escape. So applying a product like this mask will help detoxify and exfoliate the skin giving the pores a chance to breathe. Dirt and oil need to come out before they spread everywhere causing worse reactions and irritation. So this is a good thing and will only be temporary. I applied a spot treatment on the area, made sure to keep my face clean and it was gone in a couple days. Don’t overtreat with other harsh products or it will just irritate the area. A good on the spot treatment or a good toner should help dry it up. I definitely recommend these masks for all skin types needing nourishment and I think it’s specially beneficial for skin that needs detoxifying.



Alaska Glacial Mud Co. is located in Cordova, Alaska and was founded in 2006.



Alaska Glacial Mud Mask Co. contributes 10% of their profits to wilderness preservation, habitat restoration, environmental defense and education in the Copper River Watershed.


With regular use, these masques will help nourish, soften, exfoliate and detoxify your skin.


Great for all skin types. Apply an even layer of mud with a facial brush or use your fingers. Allow up to 15 minutes to dry. Rinse with warm wash cloth and water. Use once per week for normal-dry skin and up to 4 times per week for oily skin.

**CAUTION: Do a patch test prior to using. In the unlikely event of a negative reaction, discontinue use, for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

COMPLETE INGREDIENTS (As indicated on their website)

Alaska glacial mud***, purified water, glycerin*, emulsifying wax nf*, natural kaolin, safflower seed oil**, vitamin b5, glyceryl stearate se*, extracts of yarrow**, horsetail**, elderflower**, blueberry**, cranberry** and kelp***; vitamin e, natural xanthan gum, bisabolol*, steam-distilled essential oils (depending on type)**^, preservatives of 1,2 hexanediol*, caprylyl glycol*, tropolone*. ^Refreshing lavender-peppermint version includes essential oils of lavender and peppermint. Relaxing vanilla-lavender includes essential oil of lavender and vanilla flavor extract. *plant-derived, **certified organic, ***wild-crafted



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