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This cute restaurant called Forage, is located at the Listel Hotel in Downtown Vancouver. Forage is one of the Sustainable Restaurants in Vancouver.



What are Sustainable Restaurants?


Honestly, I had to google this because it was the first time I heard of it. According to a website I read, these restaurants manage the social and environmental impact of their operations by making a difference in climate change, animal welfare, and food waste. So to summarize, they support their community and care for a healthier environment.


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They are open for brunch and dinner only and have outdoor catering available for special events. It can get pretty busy without reservation, and after trying out their brunch for the first time, I could see why. As you enter, there is a bar in the middle that is available for seating as first come first serve. There are also several tables in their open backyard that are ‘community’ seating, meaning you may be sharing the table with other diners. So, we decided to check this place out this past Sunday for brunch and decided to sit in one of the community tables to avoid having to wait. I thought it was very thoughtful that they had a throw blanket on each bench side in case people got cold. So cute! The menu special that day was a Mushroom Egg Benedict, unfortunately, I forgot the exact name.

But first, coffee! How cute is this cream and sugar holder? I want them at my home.


Check out how succulent this meal looks. Eggs Benedict with mushrooms, bacon and generously drizzled with hollandaise sauce. The meal included crispy potatoes on the side with ketchup that had the flavor of Mango Chutney. This meal was so delicious, filling and I was very satisfied.



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