Grosche Oasis Infusion Bottle


How can this Oasis bottle make an impact on someone’s life? This Christmas, give the gift of water to someone in need.


Oasis Pink Water Bottle


Living in Canada, I feel very fortunate to have the resources that we have and quite frankly take for granted. We wash our clothes, cars, dishes and are extremely wasteful when there are people in other parts of the world who drink and bathe in dirty water that literally makes them ill.

This Oasis Infuser Bottle is stunning and sturdy, BUT the most important thing is that by purchasing one, you can provide 50+days of safe water for a family in need. Each bottle has a code on the bottom so you can see who you helped out.

I’m very happy to be a part of this campaign and to be able to help out in any way I can no matter how little it may seem. Stop buying those plastic water bottles, save the environment, and help someone get fresh water!

I hope you can join me and share a post of your personal oasis (or use my photo) then use the hashtag #MyOasisGivesWater. Every post using this hashtag will provide an extra day of water for a family.

Better yet, grab your own and help out another family/person in need and start your own campaign. Get 10% off + free shipping for the Oasis Bottle just use code: TMB_OASIS. Valid until Dec 31st.

Thanks for sharing friends, can’t wait to see your posts or YOUR own bottles!!


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