Want to be a guest blogger?

Do you have a passion for beauty, fitness, fashion, travel, business, finance and etc? Got recommendations or tips you’d like to share to others but don’t have the proper medium (ie. blog website) to share it on? 


I ‘m looking for guest bloggers to write reviews, tips or anything that seem fit for this blog. Your post will be shared on all Trendmebeauty social sites with your name as the author and each post you submit will have social media links for readers to follow. You can freely share the post on your social media outlets as well and let your friends, family, partner, or pet read your work. I know there are a lot of beauty bloggers and influencers that have access to social media already. But, not everyone has a blog to share their tips or quite frankly just don’t have the time to host a full website. Guest bloggers will be selected upon receiving the submission of your full post and will be carefully considered to be a featured guest blogger.


Future opportunities such as giveaways or product sponsorships may become available. So let’s collaborate and join the Trendmebeauty team. This is voluntary work and guest bloggers are not paid. Likewise, there is no cost to you to have your work featured on this blog. We just want to know what insider tricks and tips you can share with our readers or if you’re just looking to grow your blog.


Please send me an email with your information to trendmebeauty@gmail.com. Looking forward to seeing your future posts!



Merryl (Trendmebeauty Founder)


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