Halloween 2015

How crazy is it that it’s already the end of October?! Wow right? Most of you probably already have your costume picked out and know what to dress up as. But there are a lot of last minute peeps out there who are still trying to figure it out. I created my own Vampire Diaries Inspired Look of ‘Katherine Pierce’ with a masquerade ball mask. This was a very last minute look that is inexpensive and did not take a lot of time to create. Unfortunately while I was filming my tutorial, my battery died and I kept trying to charge then film then charge then film again…it was already late in the evening so I had no time to wait and just gave up. How frustrating! Next time I’ll make sure I have a spare battery fully charged. Sooooo, below is a picture of the final look instead.

I have also picked out my Top 10 favorite Makeup Artists on YouTube below. They created some really awesome Halloween looks this year and they are worth checking out. If you’re stumped and unsure, there’s plenty of inspiration to choose from.

Shown Above: Makeup, Hair and Outfit Inspiration of Katherine Pierce aka Elena aka Nina Dobrev of the Vampire Diaries

I was going to draw a black mask on my face but decided to just buy one instead. I found this beautiful gold mask on sale for $6 at Michael’s. Fangs were from the Spirit Halloween Store.

Top 10 Halloween Tutorials on YouTube:

**If you aren’t subscribed to these guys already, you are seriously missing out!! They are extremely talented and their videos are so entertaining. Comment on their videos and tell them Trendmebeauty sent you. Have fun and enjoy these tutorials!

1.From the Champagne Pop Princess, Jaclyn Hill. This girl is super funny and I can’t get enough of her. This look she created is the Glam Zombie. Just check out that cover photo….gruesome!

2.Next up is Desi Perkins. This gal has some great video editing skills and is definitely an inspiration. This look she created is this Neon/UV Blacklight Skull Makeup.

3.Now let’s go to Alex Faction. He is the King of Special FX in my eyes, super sweet and talented. He did 31 days of Halloween and created so many different looks. So here is the playlist of all those looks.

 4.Now here’s a great movie, ahem, I mean tutorial by Chrisspy. That intro though! Great production skills, I was left wanting more.

5.My fellow Filipino Diva, let’s check out PatrickStarr. His looks are just amazing and he always cracks me up. He did a collaboration with ‘Madeyewlook’ and he is the Bride of Frankenstein in this tutorial.

6.I’m really lovin this intro from the beautiful Lustrelux creating the Glam Mummy look.

7.This boy is so cute and freakin’ hilarious I just wanna squish him!! Next up is MannyMua. This look he created was inspired by the Hocus Pocus movie and was a collaboration with Chrisspy and PatrickStarr. Lovin their costumes! #nailedit

8.The ‘Queen‘ of Special FX goes to Jordan Hanz. Like Alex Faction, she also did the 31 days of Halloween challenge and has some serious tutorials that are amazing. Her tutorial is the Skull Halloween Makeup Look.

9.Also another super amazing Special Fx artist is ‘Madeyewlook’. She recreated the look of the American Horror Story Hotel. Freaky!

10.My final favorite makeup look is none other than this year’s (2015) NYX Cosmetics Makeup Awards winner ‘Mykie’ aka ‘Glam&Gore’. Her makeup tutorial is inspired by the character Joker. Fun!! **Watch the ending, how cute was that?!


Hope you enjoyed these vids and do share your looks with me. Add me on Instagram and Twitter – @trendmebeauty. Tag me to your look so I can see. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy your ghoulish parties and try not to overindulge on those treats. Or do! 😉


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