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Hey everyone! I recently started watching ‘The Home Edit‘ on Netflix, and as a neat freak Virgo, it was inevitable that I would end up re-organizing my home after.


Last year, I watched ‘Tidying Up’ with Marie Kondo on Netflix, which of course got me into a cleaning frenzy, looking at all my stuff to see what ‘Sparks Joy’. Fast forward a year, everything sparks joy, I bought stuff and added to my temporary minimal living lifestyle. Though it was tidy, it wasn’t sorted and organized the way I liked and it was hard to maintain that type of organization. Don’t get me wrong, she had great tips, I just couldn’t keep it up.

Read on for my version of the Home Edit – Tips to Organize Your Home.


What I really like about ‘The Home Edit‘ series is how they organize everything – by categorizing and properly placing everything into bins and organizers, so your place looks more spacious and less cluttered. Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of things that don’t ‘spark joy’ because everything sparks joy and so the best option is to categorize and organize neatly.


There are lots of stores you can get bins and organizers you just need to get creative on how you use them. I’ve always wanted to shop at the Container Store in the US,  but now you can order them online and get them shipped. The problem was I needed stuff asap and wanted to make sure I can grab more in a whim in case I fall short of items.


Organizers and storage bins can be very costly, and with the amount of editing I needed to do, I really didn’t want to be spending thousands of dollars on organizers. I had to get creative with items I can find from local stores and I managed to spend under $200 on products, which was great considering how many sections of my home I had to organize.


Here are some tips on how you can start your Home Edit Project for a fraction of the cost.


The very first tip I’d like to give everyone is to take a picture of each section you plan on organizing. This will help when you shop for containers so you can visualize your items and refer to them when your finding storage bins. Then create a list of how many bins and containers you’ll need and what they’ll be used for. (For example, 5 large bins for cereals, 6 small jars for nuts or bulk dry goods, 2 shelving racks as risers, and etc.) This really helped me while I was shopping because I knew what I needed, how many, and what they’ll be used for. Saves you time and money so you’re not just grabbing a bunch of things you might not use.


The second tip, get containers in even numbers, like having 6 small jars, 4 large jars, 2XL large jars, and etc. It always looks nicer when you organize items so they can bundle up in one section together, or placed on top of each other without having an odd one out. You can probably get away with odd numbers for the larger containers coz they usually can’t stack up with each other anyway.


When you’re on a tight budget, finding bins and organizers isn’t that hard. You can get really creative with items you find at the Dollar Store, Walmart, Michaels, Winners, Marshalls, and more. I used plate racks for spices and small containers. It gives the added height and room for small containers. I also used napkin holders to organize my makeup palettes.


Make sure to grab or create some labels for your containers so you can easily find out what’s inside each of them. There are pretty labels you can find on Amazon that you can stick in the front of containers or grab chalkboard labels that allow you to erase and redo when needed. Labels will let you know what’s inside specially if you’re not using see-through containers.

Now time for the messy part – purging all the items out of their current location. Yes, this means taking them all out of cupboards, bins, or containers they’re in so you can see what you have.


Purge one section at a time. I learned that the hard way and had several rooms in my home that were a complete mess, so don’t make that same mistake. There was stuff everywhere! Do one section at a time so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Give yourself a day or 2 to complete each section of your home, but if you’ve got help, that can significantly shorten the time for you. I organized my walk-in closet, kitchen cabinets, washroom cabinets, makeup & vanity area, as well as jacket closet.


Once all the purging is done for that section, sort your stuff by category. For example, kitchen items can be divided based on their use, like spices, baking items, treats, canned goods, and etc. For my closet I had purses in wicker baskets, belts, underwear, and socks in different size containers.


Finally, having a consistent color theme for your containers and baskets is much easier on the eyes. It doesn’t look as busy and a lot more systematic.

My closet is color coordinated – I have tops, shirts, and dresses hanged by color and in order from light to dark. You don’t have to do this, but they recommended it in the shoe and I’m all for it. My clothes look much neater and it’s easier to see my outfit options so I can mix and match.


Walk in closet:

Kitchen Cupboard:

It took me about a week of purging and organizing but that’s because was doing it all by myself. It was exhausting but honestly all the work was well worth it. Now everything is organized and esthetically pleasing. After a few months, everything is still in their proper locations, tidy, and easily accessible. You won’t regret it!


If you’re moving into a new home, then this is absolutely the best time to get organized. While all your space is empty all you need is have your containers ready then start sorting and putting away. Hopefully you already have everything sorted when you packed your boxes.


For everyone else just starting, use your downtime wisely, and get started on your own Home Edit now.


Here are some items to help you get your Home Edit project started.



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