Las Vegas – How to Get Rewards for Free Hotel Stays, Attractions and More


If you read my previous post recapping my recent Las Vegas Trip, you’ll know that I used loyalty rewards to redeem for free perks in Vegas. On this post, I’m gonna share How to Get Rewards for Free Hotel Stays, Attractions and More, so you can start earning them now.


Las Vegas Strip

How do you earn Loyalty Reward Points?


Well, it’s as simple as installing gaming apps on your smartphone, tablet or even desktop computer. There are several gaming apps by Playstudios that allows you to earn these loyalty points. They can be redeemed for rewards like hotel accommodation, shows, restaurants, nightlife, attractions, retail, and casino passes. My favourite games to play, that I highly recommend you download, are Pop Slots, my Konami Slots, and My Vegas Slots. These apps are free to use and you earn gold coins (loyalty points) that can be used to redeem for free or discounted stuff.


Mandalay Spa


People usually ask how long it takes to accumulate these points and how much game time would you need to be playing for. Well, I just installed these apps about a year ago and managed to accumulate almost 800k gold coins. I didn’t actually play too much and would just use it when I’m bored. It didn’t take long to accumulate enough point to get anything. For example, hotel accommodation redemption starts as low as 1500 gold coins. This can be a pass for discounted stays or free nights, depending on the hotel.



They have plenty of partners that you can redeem from. They’ve also added more locations to this list and I found some that you can use in Australia, Vancouver, California, Bahamas, and the UK.


MLife Desk

Claiming Rewards


Each member can use 3-4 rewards every 30 days, so plan ahead before you leave and figure out what you want to use them on. When you open the apps while in Vegas, the options become limited and seem to disappear, it’s probably location-based and they can tell when you’re in the city. So, it’s best to redeem them before you leave. You can redeem your loyalty gold coins within the app for as many rewards you want as long as you have enough, but again maximum 3-4 can actually be used for every 30 days.



The advantage of redeeming more is that if you’re not sure what you want to do yet, then at least you have it in your rewards wallet before they sell out. Because trust me, there are popular ones like buffets and shows that sell out quickly. Each reward redeemed is usually available for up to 60 days and after that, it expires. You can cancel up to 5 of the redemptions in your wallet every 30 days to get your loyalty coins refunded. Since most of them are good for 60 days then you can cancel 5 every 30 days and use 4.


So let me explain how that works. I ended up redeeming 15 for this trip, I ended up using 4, then cancelled 5 while I was in Vegas once I knew which ones I didn’t need, and 30 days after that I cancelled another 5. This way I didn’t lose out on loyalty coins.


To claim your rewards you would need to go to the Mlife Desk at your hotel or resort and let them know which ones you want to claim. Then, they’ll provide you with a Mlife card that you’ll need to show at the places you’re redeeming at. If a pass you’re claiming is not in the same hotel, you have to go to the resort it’s located in and claim it at their Mlife Desk. Check the fine print of each reward for exclusions.


(Examples of current rewards available:)



Vegas Rewards Hotels

Rewards Claimed this Trip

On this trip I personally got to use my coins the following rewards:

-$50 Free Slot Play at The Mirage Hotel

-Complimentary Day Spa Pass at the Spa Mandalay Bay

-Free pass at The Cravings Mirage Buffet

-Free pass at The Buffet at Aria


The 3 Night Free Stay at The Mirage Hotel was actually claimed by my mom when we originally booked our trip, so I didn’t need to redeem my points for accommodation this time. We shared a room with 2 double beds between 4 of us.


Make sure to check each resort’s booking calendar for availability. When you claim the free hotel stay on your game app, you’ll receive an email with a special code that you can use online thru the Mlife website to book the accommodation. Obviously, you’ll need to book this ahead of time before you arrive. Just a side note, resorts and hotels do charge a daily resort fee which isn’t free with the reward so you would need to pay for this ahead of time with the hotel booking.



Overall, it was a very inexpensive trip and I can’t wait to go back again. Next time I’d love to use my rewards and check out free shows, there are plenty to choose from like Cirque Du Soleil, Shark Reef, Las Vegas Tours via Greyhound or Helicopter. There are so many options and absolutely worth it!


I’m hoping to come back around summer time and will be playing the games a bit to accumulate more loyalty coins. This time it would be nice to stay at Aria or Bellagio, which usually requires 150K-300K gold coins for up to 2 complimentary night stays. And if I want to extend my stay, I can have a friend or family member redeem their loyalty points for the same hotel or check out a different one. Older hotels can be redeemed for a lot less and can start at around 1000 loyalty gold coins only.


Aria Hotel


I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to earn these free rewards as we did, make sure you start playing them now. It’s honestly so worth it! I rarely spent any of my own money during this trip and pretty much just paid for shopping, Lyft rides (which was divided between 4 ppl, even cheaper), and gratuity. With all these perks you can get away with just bringing $200 USD for minimal shopping and some casino play.


Got any suggestions on future Vegas trips or other rewards that you can take advantage of? Would love to hear about it so do share them with me in the comments below. Until next time, have a lovely day or night! XOXO

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post but it may contain affiliate links.

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  1. March 12, 2019 / 3:22 pm

    Great post Meryl! Love your tips. I had no idea about the free rewards. I’m so on it 🙂

    • March 14, 2019 / 9:00 am

      Thanks for reading babe! Have fun earning, it’s so awesome. Gotta love free! ?

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