Makeup Forever – Life is a Stage Vancouver

“I needed to create my own brand, not only to produce products that met the demands of makeup artists, but also the demands of women worldwide”- Dany Sanz

Makeup Forever’s Life is a Stage – The Reveal held in Vancouver on January 13, 2016. The event was held by Makeup Forever and Sephora Canada. Beauty influencers, makeup artists and Sephora VIB members were invited to attend.

The Life is a Stage philosophy, is a dream come to life, for the Creator and Director of Makeup Forever, Dany Sanz. With her on stage, off stage and backstage background, the idea of bringing makeup and stage together was the inspiration.

“I dreamt of a place where makeup artists could find everything that they needed for their art as well as a collection of reliable, authentic products with professional performance.”

The night started with awards being given to Dany and MUFE Canada’s National Manager, Francine Blauer. Each received the Canadian Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented by Laura de Metz (USA General Manager), for their accomplishments and contributions to the beauty industry. The awards were then followed by some really good music performed by a band called Destineak from VancouverAll of the performers were dressed up and body painted by makeup artists from Canada. There were also acrobatic performances on stage, on aerial ropes, as well as a couple dancers from Vancouver who can really move their hips. They danced all night along side the band. I had a chance to take a quick snapshot with Dany while we watched the performances.

Overall the night was a lot of fun and truly inspiring. It’ll be great to see the future in stage for Make Up Forever. Thank you MUFE for the invite!

Location: Imperial Vancouver
Music performed by: Destineak


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