NeoStrata Cleansers Review

NeoStrata recently launched some new cleansers in Canada and they are great and suitable for all skin types.


I was fortunate enough to get my hands on them a couple weeks ago, during the London Drugs Beauty Event in Vancouver.


I’veused each one on separate nights just so I can see how they worked out for me.


The 4 cleansers I received are: Detoxifying Micellar Gel, All-in-One Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Foaming Water, Oil Free Gel Cleanser 4% Glycolic Acid.


Allfour cleansers are great for sensitive skin and are: Non-comedogenic • non-irritating • alcohol-free • paraben-free • soap-free.


Aside from the above cleansers, I also received a couple of their new serums:


All-in-OneNight Serum and All-in-One Eye Serum.


All-in-One Night Serum-contains .05% Hyaluronic Acid, 5% new Matrixyl®and 0.3% Retinol. This is a great serum for it’s anti aging benefits. Helps to smoothe out skin crepiness and decrease the appearance of pore size. I’ve used this every other night and have noticed my skin looking a lot more hydrated and brighter. Apparently it takes up to 2 weeks to notice the decrease in appearance of pore size. For my skin, I have noticed the crepiness reduced and my is looking a lot less blotchy.


All-in-One Eye Serum-similar to the above night serum but used around the eyes. Contains 0.075 % Pure Retinol, 3% new Matrixyl® and .05% Hyaluronic Acid. Helps control under eye crepiness and reduces the appearance of under eye circles and bags.


After using this, my under eye felt a lot smoother, more hydrated and plump. Before this, my under eye area was blotchy, thin with dark circles. It has given life back to my eyes and is looking less dull even without makeup.


I really liked the fact that NeoStrata launched 4 different kinds of cleansers so there’s a variety to choose from. My favorites are the no rinse cleansers -Micellar Gel and Cleansing Milk. Face wipes are great, but I feel they don’t clean well enough, so these are very handy alternatives or can be used with your face wipes for that extra clean.


They can be purchased online thru NeoStrata Canada, and soon to be launching at London Drugs (Canada) and other retailers.


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