NYX Cosmetics After Dark

Another great event down in the books! So last weekend, I was invited to the NYX Cosmetics After Dark Party. It was IMATS Weekend and the party was held after the Saturday (July 16) Convention. I didn’t get a chance to go to IMATS earlier that day, but did have a ticket for the following day. (Will post IMATS Haul soon!) The event was held at a really cute lounge called ‘Pierre’s Lounge‘, in the Yaletown District of Downtown Vancouver. For this event, I was allowed to bring a guest along, and so I decided to bring my sister so she can take some footage while I mingled. Really it was her trial run, to see if I can hire her for future events and become my VIP +1 Guest. Told her if the footage are bad, then she’s canned. Just kidding! But not really. LOL.

As soon as we entered, we each grabbed complimentary wine. There was a photo booth to the left of the room that we noticed as soon as we entered. To the right was the open lounge area with NYX goodie bags decorated and settled behind the seating area. The lounge provided a really intimate setting, lit mainly by bar lights, lamps in the corners of the room as well as candles spread on table tops. A DJ played music all night, while gorgeous waitress served some free appies. The room is a very open concept where you can see everyone to the opposite end and was small enough so you can’t get lost. The back wall by the bench was decorated with balloons that spelled ‘NYX COSMETICS’.

My sister and I took photos in the photo booth, which sadly by the way, we forgot to pick up the prints before leaving. Luckily we have some video footage at least. Had the chance to see fellow blogger friends and also met several makeup artists for the first time. The party featured a makeup artist, Natasha Trottier, who was body painting a model in the middle of the room. Her work was amazing and beautifully detailed. The model was a great sport, posing almost naked, all night, and with just a thong and body paint. And heck why not! She had a great figure! If you got it, show it right?

After several pictures, a few glasses of wine, tummies filled with delicious grub and new friends made, the event was a success and we had a great time. We went home with loads of goodies courtesy of NYX. I definitely have a lot of lip products to last me a long time.

What do ya think of the pics? Is my sister hired or no? HAHA

Thank You NYX Cosmetics, for hosting a lovely event and for the loads of swag to enjoy. To those of you reading, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the video. Please follow and subscribe to this blog and social media pages so we can stay connected.



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