Cleansing your face with oil?

How do you feel about cleansing your face with oil? If your skin type is on the oily, sensitive or acneic side, you would most likely cringe at the thought of using oil on your face. Initially, my usual reaction is to avoid it because my skin is already oily and can easily get aggravated the minute you apply something greasy to it. I’ve had to avoid certain makeup and creams because they were oil based and caused me to break out.



So, the first product I’m reviewing from the Algenist line is the ‘Genius Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser‘. When I was doing my research on YouTube, I watched a video by QVC demonstrating the use of this cleanser. I was like ‘Wow, I wanna try that’. I was so ecstatic to see this included in the package that Algenist sent me to review (view here) because I really wanted to see how it worked.


GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser

This unique, luxurious melting cleanser is the best of biotechnology and offers an unpa… [More]

Price: $38.00


Nowadays, makeup is formulated to last longer throughout the day. With the introduction of eyebrow pomades, waterproof eyeliner and 24 hr lipsticks, it’s getting tougher to remove them with just regular cleansers. I’ve had to scrub so hard or wash a few times to get them off and even then I still needed a separate eye makeup remover to get rid of traces of eyeliner left behind. I wanted to test how well it removed the toughest makeup. So, before I used this cleanser I caked it up with the CoverFX  foundation (meant to be long-wearing and water-resistant), Anastasia dipbrow pomade, purple smokey eyeshadows, brown matte cream lipgloss, liquid eyeliner, contouring powder and an illuminizer.



This cleanser is in gel like form and you apply it to dry skin then massage all over your face. It eventually melts into this silky smooth oil that amazingly removes makeup with ease. You can literally see makeup melt off your face. It was even gentle enough to use around the eyes to get rid of eyeliner,  unlike other cleansers that you need to avoid using around the eyes because it would irritate or sting. Once most of your makeup has melted off, add a small amount of water to the face and it turns the oil into a milky emulsion. Massage again then simply rinse off and wipe off with a wet cloth or face towel.


The end result was Amazing! My skin was super soft and not a trace of makeup to be seen. I’ve been using it for the past few days and no signs of breakouts at all which I’m really happy about. In fact, my skin is super smooth and looks a lot more hydrated. Cleansers that are targeted for oily skin types actually leave your skin feeling tight because they strip off the essential oils that your skin needs. And when you strip off the oil, the skin will try to compensate by producing more oil thus being counter-productive. This anti-aging melting cleanser is definitely not stripping any oil. It’s the perfect balance of a clean and moisturized skin.


Whether you have dry skin, oily skin or aging skin, this cleanser is for you. If you’re a makeup lover or an artist that likes to cake on make up, remove, then redo, I highly recommend trying out the Algenist Genius Melting Cleanser. Being able to remove everything so easily and back to a fresh canvas with minimal effort and time is so convenient. You can basically travel with this cleanser, a water bottle, a face cloth and you’re set. No need to run to the washroom to take everything off. How could I possibly go back to using other cleansers? Love, love, love it!



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