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Algenist Genius Skincare

  **Disclosure**: This is a sponsored post and products have been provided for review and may contain affiliate links. All opinions expressed in this post are my own   Today’s post, I’m going to review the Algenist Genius Skincare line. Skincare is the most important part of a beauty routine.…

Cleansing your face with oil?

How do you feel about cleansing your face with oil? If your skin type is on the oily, sensitive or acneic side, you would most likely cringe at the thought of using oil on your face. Initially, my usual reaction is to avoid it because my skin is already oily and can…

It Works

If you’re looking to add more ‘greens’ to your diet but can’t quite make yourself eat enough veggies during the day, then It Works! is a substitute you can try. I was given a chance to try out a week supply of these ‘greens to go’ berry packets made by It…

Waist Shapers and Corsets

Waist shapers and corsets are back – they’ve been trending on Instagram and are becoming very popular. Many celebrities including Kim Kardashian have posted pictures wearing one. I purchased mine online and it was made of latex with 3 hooks and boning. They recommended wearing this for a minimum of 8 hours…

Your Tea-Gluten Free Tiny Tea Review

August of last year, I started a cleansing program from a company called Your Tea. I purchased the 28 day gluten free version, but they also have a 14 day program available. There were so many reviews on Instagram, so after seeing other people’s results I couldn’t wait to get my hands…

New York 2014 Trip Recap – Wanderlust – Trendmebeauty Travels

  New York 2014 Trip Recap – Wanderlust – Trendmebeauty Travels     Let’s wander around the ‘Concrete Jungle’ – Welcome to New York!   For the first time ever, I got to finally visit New York City! The Big Apple is truly a concrete jungle and there were so…


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