Pop Smile Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit

It’s time to brighten up your choppers, with the Pop Smile Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit!


Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas. Can you believe it’s 2017?! This year’s gone by so fast. Today, I’d like to share my collaboration with Pop Smile. So you can ring in the New Year, or come prepared for any event, with pearly white teeth and a big bright smile.


In the past, I have used whitening kits/systems to help give me whiter teeth. I’ve stopped using them about a year and a half ago because they’ve caused my teeth and gums to become sensitive. I noticed my gums would bleed after using whitening strips and my teeth have been sensitive to cold drinks. This Pop Smile Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit however, is 99% natural and peroxide free. So I jumped at the chance to try it out and see if I’ll get better results than other brands.



What’s included:

There are 2 kits available: Starter Kit and Ultimate Kit.

The Ultimate Whitening Kit I received came with:

5x 0.2ml  Accelerator Swabs
2x Mouth Trays
3x 3ml Whitening Gels
1x  LED Activator


1 Mouth Tray Case
1 Booster Pen
1 Travel Pouch

Naturally active ingredients:

Organic Peppermint Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Aloe Vera and Chamomile Flower Extract

How to use:

Step 1: Apply the Applicator Swabs all over your teeth. This helps prep your teeth for the whitening process to get faster results

Step 2: Mould mouth trays to your teeth, apply whitening gel to the tray and place in your mouth

Step 3: Place the LED activator in your mouth. Sit back, relax or put on a face mask, read a book and after 10 minutes you’re done! The LED activator shuts off on it’s own when complete so no need to time yourself.

The Ultimate Kit also includes a Whitening Booster Pen you can apply when you’re in a rush or on the go. Just brush it throughout your teeth, leave for 1 minute, then rinse with warm water. That’s it!

I love indulging with wine and having my daily cup(s) of coffee, but my teeth are not impressed. Yellow and sensitive teeth are not acceptable. As a beauty blogger, I can’t be hiding my smile, but having stained teeth is not pretty either. I’m so glad there is a natural alternative and this kit is the solution. Thank you so much Pop Smile, for giving me the chance to try this out. I wouldn’t have known that there’s a healthier alternative and probably would have kept using previous kits that was actually making my enamel worse.



You can achieve up to 8 shades whiter, using the Pop Smile Ultimate Whitening Kit, if used as instructed. This kit is so easy to use and works best if used twice daily for 5 days. You can do this at home without having to break the bank at the dentist. After my first application my teeth lo0ked brighter, shiny and clean.  What I really love about it is my teeth weren’t sensitive to the ingredients and no sign of bleeding gums. I’m all about using natural products as much as possible, specially if I plan on using it often. I’m impressed and really happy with how it all turned out. These results will last up to 3 month and can be repeated again after the 3 months.



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