Spasciences SIMA Dermaplaning Tool Review

Smoother than a baby’s bottom! Have you tried #dermaplaning yet?

That’s what my skin feels like after using the SpaSciences Sima Dermaplaning Tool. I’ve seen this new treatment offered at spas and was curious how it works and if it works.


Spasciences SIMA Dermaplaning

Fortunately, #spasciencesgiftedme this tool and now I can do it from home. Honestly, after using it for the first time, I was shocked at how much dry skin it removed from my face. I was previously using the Flawless facial hair removal tool but it doesn’t compare to this AT ALL!

SIMA Dermaplaning

You can see peach fuzz and dry skin coming off and your skin is noticeably softer and vibrant looking. With all the dead skin sloughed off, you can see fresh renewed skin instantly. It’s much brighter, and less sallow.


Ladies, if you’re scared you’ll grow a beard after use, test in a small area first and wait a few days to see growth. It’s been 2 weeks since my first use and I still don’t see any stubles at all. (Results may differ by person so test an area you usually remove hair from already)

Sidenote: this tool is for the face and neck, but you know me, I had to experiment.


Luckily, this comes with 5 extra blades so I tested it on my arms and legs. WOW WOW WOW, dry skin be gone! And there was so much of it removed! My skin is so silky and smooth I’m so amazed by this. Trust me, your original shaver does not do the same job.

Grab your own and see for yourself. Lemme know what you think! ❤️?


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