Gift Ideas: for Bloggers, Influencers & Digital Creators


Looking for a gift idea for the blogger, influencer or digital creator on your shopping list?


Ultimate Gift Guide for Bloggers, Influencers & Digital Creators

This is a pretty simple list to come up with, but if you’re still looking for some pointers, here are some good ones to help you with your search.


These will come in handy and will help with their startup to prepare them for the exciting world of blogging and digital creation. Most of these products and services are ones that I’ve been using or have used in the past. They’re must-haves and has truly helped me with my content.


DSLR/Mirrorless Camera

I know this might be a little over budget or maybe not, but it will be the best gift a blogger can get. If you’re chipping in for a gift for that future blogger on your list, this is a must. Sure there are smartphones with great camera features, but great DSLR cameras make photos look a lot more professional with their advanced settings and different lens add ons.  If you’re shopping for a camera, make sure to get one that includes a display that can be turned around for easy selfies and videos. A majority of the time, a digital creator is alone taking shots and videos. You don’t always have someone there to take your photos for you, and there is nothing worse than filming an hour-long video only to find out you were out of focus or cropped out. Get that flip screen! A great feature to also look for is the wifi option. It allows you to transfer files directly to your smartphone or other devices via wifi, and you can instantly edit and share photos.



Adobe Creative Cloud Software

Adobe Creative Cloud contains a handful of software that is extremely helpful in editing images or creating banners and other media. I’ve been using Lightroom to edit my photos as it truly allows you to enhance a photo and make it 10x better than the original. There are also presets you can purchase online or you can create your own and save it to create a ‘themed’ Instagram profile look. Membership is available monthly or yearly and can be purchased individually or in bundles.

Flatlay Backdrops

The perfect solution for professional-looking photos of products or any items on a surface. There are so many options available now and depends on how you want your overall theme to look.



Flatlay Props

There are unlimited prop options that can be used for flat lay photos and will depend on the theme of the blog. There are some common items that are universal for all blog niches like artificial flowers, candles, stationery items, coffee mugs, magazines and etc.


Blogging Books/Courses

A super handy tool for beginners and experienced bloggers. You can find numerous online courses and books to help with affiliate marketing, designing, photography, how to’s and more.


Ring Light

When you want perfect looking photos, you want the lighting to be perfect. Aside from your camera, this is also a must-have!


Hard Drives

What would I do without these? There’s only so much sd cards you can purchase and you need to have a place to transfer all the images and videos. Portable external hard drives are super important. The larger the storage drive the better. I think I ask for this every year. Coz trust me, you will go through these quickly. Images and videos take up so much space, and when you want to get the perfect shot, there’s usually a hundred images of the same pic. If an external hard drive isn’t good, there are also online storage options like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and Apple iCloud. The online storage options are great if you don’t want extra equipment, like a travel blogger who wants to pack light. The only thing is they can get costly requiring monthly memberships, whereas portable external hard drives are a one-time purchase.


SD Cards

Obviously an important item for the camera you’re using. The larger the storage space, the better. Don’t cheapen out on budget sd cards that may not be compatible with all devices or fail on you after several uses. Make sure to get a high-performance sd card from a trusted brand.


Blog Planner

A very inexpensive gift that will help track content scheduling or event planning. As a blogger, you want to be on top of projects or posts so you’re not missing out on important deadlines. There are so many planners to choose from, different designs, and some have cute stickers and add ons. Try to find ones that are specifically targeted for a blogger, influencer, or digital creator. These planners will have additional worksheets that may include a finance tracker, sponsor tracking list or social media stat tracker.





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