Top 10 Gift Ideas for Bloggers & Vloggers


When it comes to bloggers and vloggers, there are a lot of products that come to mind for gift ideas. As a blogger, tech products make great gifts especially when you can use them daily for your blog or social media posts. It’s also all about ‘flatlays’, setting up beautiful backgrounds and having items that can be added to your shot, really enhances and give more life to the picture.


Check out my Top 10 Picks of Gift Ideas for Bloggers & Vloggers for 2018 below. Whether they’re new to blogging or a seasoned expert blogger, these items will come in very handy and will surely be appreciated.


  1. Canon Rebel T6i
  2. Daily Planner/Organizer
  3. Storage Display Case
  4. Dimmable Ring Light
  5. Lightbox Kit
  6. Inspirational Mug
  7. Blue Snowball Microphone
  8. Bluetooth Selfie stick
  9. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera
  10. Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror




Digital Camera/DSLR

Most new bloggers hold out before purchasing cameras because they’re quite costly. Nowadays, a newer and updated smartphone will do but when you want amazing and professional-looking photos or videos, investing on a DSLR would be wise. I currently have the Canon Rebel T6i and am absolutely in love with the flip screen feature. Why? Because now I can take great pictures without having to ask someone to take them for me. The flip screen is also handy for vlogging coz you can see yourself as your filming, it helps to make sure you’re focused and also know when you’re battery needs charging. Based on personal experience, I used to film my makeup looks and would blab on not knowing the camera was already off. It wasn’t very fun having to refilm the entire process. Save yourself some time and make sure your camera has a flip screen. A feature that I also highly recommend is the ‘wifi’ option. My T6i can be paired with my smartphone and I can set it up on a tripod and take pictures remotely with the smartphone. Also great for group shots, selfies and when you need to take pictures of yourself from a distance but don’t have a partner to capture the shot for you. Now if you can afford a drone camera, I’d say that would be an awesome addition for tech lovers.



Daily Planner/Organizer

With so many designs you can choose from nowadays, these handy planners are great for keeping you organized so you can track events, posts and ideas. They also look great in flat lays. I actually have 3 different kinds, a planner for scheduling, a notebook to scribble ideas, and a blog planner which contains mostly worksheets to keep track of anything related to my blog/social media (ie. expenses, income, goals, etc.)


Storage/Display Case

Pretty self-explanatory, storage cases will help keep your things organized so they’re not scattered everywhere. You can place your makeup and jewelry, mini flat lay items (organza, glitter, bows), and office items (pens, paper clips, sticky notes, etc.) in these cases. Place these organizers on your desk or shelf for easy access. There are plenty of storage cases to choose from with varying amounts of shelves/slots.


Dimmable Ring Light

A must for vloggers! A well-produced video starts with having the right lighting to make your photos look brighter, clean, and professional. Ring lights can also get quite costly but I purchased mine through Amazon for half if not less than other brands I’ve seen online, and I absolutely love it. It’s dimmable so it allows me to change the brightness level of my videos. Great for vlogging or taking pictures at night, or when you don’t have the time to do any recording during the day.


Lightbox Kit

A good Lightbox Kit is great for product images. It gives you a nice clean background to place your items in and are perfect for product reviewers or for those looking to sell products online.


Inspirational Mugs/Water Bottles

One of my other favorite accent items to have in the background when taking pictures. Whether you’re capturing a picture of your desk, laying in bed/couch while sipping some coffee or tea, a cute mug or water bottle with inspirational words is a very inexpensive but meaningful gift. The best part is you can customize one by putting your own quote or saying, or just purchase ones that already have cute memes.



Built-in microphones on your camera or smartphone are ok to use, but when you’re filming from a distance, a microphone is handy for cutting out unwanted background noise and to ensure people can hear you clearly. Also great for vloggers who do a lot of voiceovers for tutorials.


Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Handy for traveling or when you don’t have a tripod accessible to you. They are also compact and small enough to fit a purse or backpack. Bluetooth selfie sticks give you the ability to take pictures remotely or have someone else hold the remote to take the shot while you hold on to the stick.


Polaroid Camera

These self-printing cameras are a classic! Most pictures are posted in social media or in the cloud somewhere, but when you need to cherish special memories, printing them out so you can share it with others immediately or stick them on your fridge, wall or planner. I personally love taking photos of various things that I feel would be great for blog posts, then I stick them on my planner for future reference. Instax Mini cameras are trendy and popular, and also one of those items you see a lot in flat lay images.

Lighted Vanity Mirror

A must-have for beauty bloggers. Nothing more inconvenient than having to go to the washroom or sit by your wall mirror to put on your makeup. These vanity mirrors can sit up on your desk, allowing you to be comfortably seated while getting glammed up. Lighted vanity mirrors are perfect when you need extra lighting for a flawless makeup application.


Stay tuned for an upcoming post on Top Items for Creating Beautiful Flatlay Images! Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog for updates.


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