Waist Shapers and Corsets

Waist shapers and corsets are back – they’ve been trending on Instagram and are becoming very popular. Many celebrities including Kim Kardashian have posted pictures wearing one. I purchased mine online and it was made of latex with 3 hooks and boning. They recommended wearing this for a minimum of 8 hours a day for 30 days for best results


Yesterday was the first day I tried this on, and boy was it tight! I didn’t think I could last the 8 hours because even sitting was a challenge, very constricting. Something that will take time getting used to, specially if you’ve never worn any body shapers before. I don’t know how women wore these back in the day. It’s made of flexible material with 2 hook options and has thermal lining.

Eating can be tough because you obviously can’t stuff your face with these babies on. Good luck with that! I ate all my meals, no skipping or starving, and this forced me to think wisely about my food portions. If you over eat, you’ll definitely feel it tighten up and get uncomfortable. The great advantage wearing this during the day was- being able to sleep without the feeling of being so bloated and my stomach was smaller. This must be the reason why they created ‘slimbands’, same idea I figure. I love the way this looks and under clothing you can’t tell you have it on. I even wore it under a fitted dress at an outdoor Ed Sheeran concert in Vancouver and it was comfortable enough and really tucked everything in.


There are many online shops that sell similar body shapers and after researching to find the best deal I came across this company. There are different colors and lengths. And it doesn’t stop there, they have glute lift shapers too. For a little over $30 USD, it’s definitely worth a try. Some other places sell from $50 and up. I’ve tried Spanx and other body shapers and they have worked well, but they usually seem to just shift everything to the middle which can look awkward at times. With this waist cincher,  the look is more dramatic, effective and shocking immediate results. Check out Amazon for similar waist trainer corsets.


Tip:  Find a similar one made of latex, long or short is up to you, with hook options and boning.



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