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The Westminster Pier Park is located in the City of New Westminster, BC, about 30 minutes away from downtown Vancouver. The park is situated on the waterfront, stretched along the Fraser River, overlooking the Pattullo Bridge and the Expo Line SkyTrain bridge that connects from New Westminster to Surrey.

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It’s a great spot to hang out, relax, and sightsee. A family-friendly place that’s great for visitors of all ages.


The Westminster Pier Park includes:

  • a 600-meter waterfront boardwalk
  • festival lawn
  • concession
  • benches
  • accessible picnic tables
  • two sand volleyball courts
  • basketball court
  • public art
  • misters (spray park water feature)
  • two preschool-aged playgrounds


Westminster Pier Park is a great spot for a morning walk or daily run.

You can also gather some friends for a picnic and play some volleyball. Or bring a beach mat and lay under the free standing umbrellas and gaze at the cars passing the bridge.

Concession stands, nearby eating areas and hammocks, are available for your enjoyment.

If you forget to bring food, don’t worry, there’s a concession stand by the park and some dining places close by. The kids will love playing on the playgrounds and water area, while you grab yourself a hammock and relax. There’s only 4 of them but they may be big enough to be shared by 2 people per hammock. If you come early enough maybe you’ll get a spot. Really wish they had a lot more of them. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of seating areas along the waterfront, lawn, sandy areas and there are also adjustable benches by the concession.

Make it a date night and perhaps leave a love lock.

You will also see love locks that have accumulated along the pier wall, like many others you see throughout Europe and have been popping up more in many countries.

love locks

Walk about a km west of the park and you’ll find shops, sightseeing boat tours, more playgrounds and dining places. The main amenities include the Discovery Center, River Market, World’s Tallest Tin Soldier, Waterfront Esplanade, Quayside Playground and Antique Alley.

Westminster Pier Park is a must visit, especially on a nice sunny day. Do be careful on rainy days as water levels may rise up and the pier could be closed for safety reasons.


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