True Botanicals – “You Make Me Glow” Face Care Kit Clear Review

Don’t settle for dull, dry skin during these cold Fall and Winter seasons! The True Botanicals “You Make Me Glow” Face Care Kit Clear is the perfect set to keep your skin glowing and hydrated. True Botanicals gifted me this set to try in exchange for a review, and it’s been my go-to skincare for my morning and evening routine for the past couple of weeks. These products smell amazing and remind me of being in a spa.





Here are some great things you need to know.

True Botanicals Skincare: The World’s First Skincare Line to be Certified Nontoxic by MADE SAFE™. If you’ve seen my Instagram posts I am a big fan of natural nontoxic skincare products. True Botanicals Skincare: Powered by Nature, Backed by Science with Third-Party Clinical Trials.


Super concentrated bio-active ingredients. Without harm to your health or skin. This is more than anti-aging skincare. This is serious luxury.



I’ve been using these products for the past month and my skin looks less dull and sallow. My skin usually gets dry and itchy around this time of the year but after using this set it looks a lot more radiant and bright.


And if you’re suffering from #maskne, the cleanser and oil will help with that. I’ve had minor breakouts on the jaw and cheek area and the Clear Pure Radiance Oil did a great job healing it.



Step by step guide


No 1
True Botanicals Clear Nourishing Face Wash for Breakout-Prone Skin (3.9 fl oz / 120 ml)

Use 1 pump to cleanse your skin day and night. The cleanser is lightweight and cleanses your skin without stripping out all the moisture. Your skin still feels hydrated after washing and works best on Oily and Combination Skin Types.




No 2
Clear Pure Radiance Oil

I love the way this makes my skin looks glowing, radiant, and fresh. Doesn’t clog the pores and keeps your skin moisturized. Achieve that subtle ‘glass look’ without looking overly greasy. A great product for oily and combination skin types, treats and prevents breakouts, and minimizes the effects of aging.




No 3
Radiant Face Roller

This moonstone Radiant Face Roller is a great tool for preventing and reducing wrinkles. This handy face tool is included with the purchase of the True Botanicals “You Make Me Glow” Face Care Kit Clear and the True Botanicals “You Make Me Glow” Face Care Kit Renew. Like iron to your clothes, with daily use, you can help reduce creases and wrinkles on your face with this roller. This soothing little tool feels refreshingly cool on the face, its massaging effect is relaxing and will help to keep your skin looking firm and youthful.


Simple steps for keeping your skin radiant, glowing, and fresh during these cold months. The best part is the scent, feels like a spa treatment, and who doesn’t love that!


Get a lit-from-within look with our iconic facial cleanser, hydrating face oil, and NEW glow-enhancing moonstone roller. Personalize the set when you choose between the Renew or Clear Nourishing Cleanser and Pure Radiance Oils. Grab yours and let me know what you think. Take their True Quiz to discover your skincare routine based on your skin type. Enjoy!!


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