Rooftop View from Duomo Milan, Italy – Instagram Reel Post

Rooftop View from Duomo Milan.

This is an option you should add when you purchase tickets to tour the Duomo. You get a great view of the city and get to see the beautiful architecture of a historic building. It is just so amazing!

We purchased skip-the-line priority tickets to the Duomo with rooftop access and it included a lift to go up. The lift (elevator) is highly recommended but the downside is you have to go down a dark, narrow, and very hot staircase going down. I thought there would be a lift to also take us down but it was just for going up only. So, if you plan to visit, you definitely want the elevator option up at least. It gets very hot, especially in the summer and it is tiring. I can’t imagine walking up either, we definitely got our legs and thighs workout. By the time we finally got inside the church to do the tour we needed a little water break and could see everyone around us sweating and exhausted.

I probably wouldn’t recommend the rooftop access for people who are afraid of heights, young kids, or people with mobility issues. Make sure to bring bottled water, a fan/neck fan, and maybe a little towel to wipe off the sweat coz you’ll need it.

Duo Milan Cathedral Rooftop View

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