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Blogger Styled Home – Home Decor Tips

Looking to refresh your home, move, or do some renovations? Would you like to create the look of a Blogger Styled Home? Read on for some home decor tips.


Interior decorating is such an exciting project where you get to visualize and create the look of your dream home. The process can be stressful and exhausting but the final product is oh so rewarding!



My favorite part of planning is searching for appliances, furniture, and other accessories that bring it all together.


I’ve searched some of my favorite stores to share some must-have items you need to grab to achieve the look of a ‘Blogger Styled Home’.



By the way, you don’t need to be a blogger to enjoy this style. As a content creator, and after seeing other bloggers’ content on social media, there’s an unspoken consensus that we have a general ‘look’ that we tend to love. That would be the goal to achieve a fresh, vibrant, warm, and elegant-looking home. Kind of like a beautifully staged home that’s up for sale. It looks beautiful and you are mesmerized.


My favorite theme is a combination of white, gold, and natural wood. This combo makes your space look clean, bright, and very inviting. A place of sanctuary!



Here are products you need to add to your shopping list. Get creative with product placement and avoid adding too many colors. A ‘little’ pop of red (or any color’ in a focal spot won’t hurt, but try and stick to the theme I mentioned above.

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