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Gel V Review

In this post I’ll be reviewing the Gel V product, a topical gel applied to areas where you have cellulite. Everyone wants a tight, firm, cellulite-free body and so before summer arrives, I needed something to prep my skin for those lovely summer outfits.  I found testimonials and pictures on Instagram and thought I’d try it out. I’ve been working out so much and wanted to find a way to tighten the loose skin around my body. You know that stubborn cellulite, unwanted skin dimples, and stretch marks are so frustrating. You can work out as much as you want but sometimes it’s still not enough. Even the skinniest person can get cellulite. It’s basically stuck fat deposits that get clumped up in certain areas of the body causing the dimpled look.

The formula is created from natural ingredients with a combination of medicinal extracts and menthol. The menthol explains the coolness effect. Gel-V also includes camphor which also contributes to the cooling sensation and this ingredient helps to increase local blood flow. Camphor has also been known to relieve pain, swelling, and itching.

The first time I applied the gel, I gasped at how cold it was. Even though it was hot out, I got goosebumps. Right after application, you’re supposed to massage the area with a closed fist for about 2-3 minutes until the product dries out. This is to make sure the product is well absorbed. Instead of my fist, I used a scorpion brush I got from spa school for better massaging effects (Pic shown above). There are other tools you can use for massaging and the Gel-V store also has one you can purchase.

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After massaging, you’ll notice the area becomes red after a while. This is normal because all that massaging causes blood to circulate. Better circulation, better blood flow, and less fat blockage. Gel-V really helped tighten my tush, thighs, abs, and arms which was much needed after losing 30 lbs prior to this. I used it all over daily until it ran out. Normally after I shower, I apply a ton of lotion and use my scorpion brush to massage loose skin. But this gel was more effective than just regular lotion. Before hitting the gym I would put this all over my tummy and use a waist shaper to really get the product absorbed in the skin. You can try wrapping a saran wrap around areas you’ve applied the gel and then put on your waist shaper. This will help keep your waist shaper from getting moist and avoid getting sweaty on it. If you’re looking to tighten up before summer then this is worth a try.

Gel- V waist trimmer

Like I’ve said in previous posts, not everyone will have the same results. But like everything, it takes effort. Combine this with healthy eating, exercise, massage, and consistent use then you’ll see results in less time than if you did nothing. Those who are allergic to seaweed, menthol, or camphor, do not use it. Feel free to share your results if you have tried this or will be trying it. I’d love to see your progress. Comment below or tag me on Instagram @trendmebeauty_.




  1. June 15, 2017 / 7:43 pm

    very informative article! I never thought of trying jel products until I read your blog. Thinking I am going to try it for the bikini season. Xoxo Ting

  2. Kenya McCampbell
    October 1, 2018 / 2:12 pm

    Did it work?

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