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It’s 2019! Time to shave your face ladies!

It’s 2019! Ladies..shave your face!

“Wait, what?! No way, why would I that?”

I’m glad you asked, coz I said the same thing. Around Christmas time last year, I purchased a set of mini razors to clean up the brow area. A friend recommended it and I found a cheap set by Revele for just under $10 at Marshall’s, so I figured I’d try it out.

Since then, I haven’t plucked, tweezed, waxed, or threaded my brows after getting my hands on this time-saving beauty tool.

Ladies, you NEED this.

It’s not a want, it’s a need haha. It’s painless and the blade isn’t super sharp so you don’t need to be afraid of stabbing yourself. Angle it the way you peel vegetables and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Honestly, it’s now just taken me a few minutes to shape my brows and clean little stubbles.

Now how about the rest of the face? Why don’t we shave that too? Men do so it why can’t we?! And, look at how beautifully clean and exfoliated their face looks and it didn’t take 10 products and thousands of dollars to achieve.

Let’s insert my new favorite beauty tool, the SIMA At Home Dermaplaning Tool. This particular one shown is from Spa Sciences. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to collaborate with them and they gifted me this Dermaplaning Tool in exchange for my honest review on Instagram but I just had to blog about it.

Guys! I was amazed at the results the first time I tried it.

The package includes 5 extra blades and the Dermaplaning Tool has different vibrating speeds. The blade isn’t sharp just like the brow ones I bought before. This tool removes peach fuzz and the vibrating motion helps exfoliate the dry skin on your face.

The first time I used it I couldn’t believe how much dead skin is removed. I also didn’t realize how much peach fuzz I actually had. I mean, in natural light when the sun catches my face at the not-so-attractive angle, I can see it. But, after the first time using this I was pleasantly surprised. And I say pleasantly because I’m so amazed at how much this tool removed.

My skin looked so much brighter, even and vibrant. And oh wow did it feel smooth as a babies bum! Applying makeup afterward was so satisfying. Products were gliding smoothly and there were fewer blotches and bumps because my skin was just exfoliated.

So, of course, wanting to see how much dead skin I had elsewhere, I started using the tool on my arms and legs. A couple of blades later and a now dusty bed sheet, I was shocked at how much dead skin came off. Here I thought I’d been exfoliating and moisturizing really well. Nope nope nope.

Your skin desquamates (sheds) about every 30 days (contributes to dust in your home). But, with the Dermaplaning Tool, you can do it as often as you want so you can keep your skin looking fresh and renewed.

I highly highly recommend this to you guys and if you fear you’ll grow a mustache, let me tell you it won’t. After the first time, it took a few weeks for a subtle peach fuzz to come back. And I could barely see it, only noticed when I used the tool again.

If you’re afraid it might be different for you then do a small area only and test it out. I promise you, you’re gonna love this tool.

I once watched a video by Huda Beauty on YouTube and she was shaving her face. She didn’t have a Dermaplaning Tool but used an actual blade shaver, and I was shocked. Like no, don’t do it! But now after using this I totally get it.

All this time, men had it right all along! I always wondered how they had such nice and even skin without having to try so hard. They’ve been Dermaplaning all this time!!!

I’m about to stock up and purchase more refill blades coz this gal will probably keep using it on her legs and arms again. Coz who doesn’t want silky smooth touchable skin?! Like ok, baby skin everywhere right here!

Hope this helps those of who you who are on the fence about trying it out. It’s an absolute must-have! A lot of salons have this service available now but why would you spend double and sometimes quadruple the cost of this tool, which you can conveniently use at home anytime.

Lemme know how it works out for you if you grab one or try it at a salon, comment below and share your experience.

Until the next post, have a lovely day guys!!! Looking for the perfect body hair removal tool? Check out my previous post on the At Home Laser Hair Removal from Silkn.

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