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Molekule Air Mini+ Air Purifier

Sometimes you just need to Zen. The Molekule Mini Air+ Purifier is the perfect companion when you’re relaxing to meditation music and watching beautiful scenic landscapes.

I recently got this purifier from @molekuleair and it’s the perfect appliance to keep your air fresh and clean.

I’ve always wanted a purifier and never realized how much of a difference it makes with air quality until I started using this. I highly recommend Molekule Mini Air Purifier, an appliance everyone should have in their home or workspace. They also have different kinds for smaller or larger spaces.

The air in my living room feels so much lighter and fresh, and the ‘stuffiness’ in the room is gone.

The Molekule Air Mini+ has different settings and you can download the app to your phone to control the fan speed and keep track of the status of your filter. I have my fan set to auto and I must say it’s a very intelligent system.

When I cook, I place the purifier on my breakfast bar so it can detect the smell of cooking or burnt smells and it instantly adjusts the fan speed to purify my air. Then it adjusts back down automatically when cooking is done.

Check out the wide range of pollutants and bacteria this Molekule Air Mini+ destroys.

This device uses a patented PECO-Filter that captures smoke, dust, and allergens and was recently FDA 501(k)-cleared for medical use to destroy bacteria & viruses. A must-have in all your living spaces!

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