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New Year, New You, New…Bra? Upbra Review

Happy New Year Everyone! By now most of us have started or are in the process of doing our New Year’s resolutions. Well, this post has nothing to do with that. I’ll save that for a later day. However, I do wanna share my review on a piece of item that most of us women have on our dresser that could really use an upgrade. Yes, you got it! Your Bra. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a couple of new strapless bras from a company called Upbra. I’m amazed at what they can do to enhance your bosoms. Whether you have large tatas or itty bitty ones, we could all use a little lift and cleavage action.



Good Support and Lift is a must

For someone who does have larger breasts, it can be tough to find bras that give you good support and lift, especially when you need a strapless one. I’ve tried several different brands and none have worked out the way I want them to. Sometimes the cup isn’t large enough, the band is too wide, and even if you get a larger cup with a smaller band, it still doesn’t work out. Most times I just end up giving up and revert back to a regular bra that has changeable straps so I can pair it with clear straps.



My impression on Upbra

After receiving my Upbra package, I was really impressed with the quality. I opted for the Maximum Cleavage Strapless Bras in nude and black, which includes a set of straps that can be worn in different ways. They are comfortable to wear and doesn’t have that painful poke that most wired bras give you. The lower part of the bra feels like it’s hollow but it’s not, it gives your breast the lift it needs and is made of a layer of soft fabric with vinyl hearts that help grip the breasts when worn, helping them stay in place. Unlike other push up bras I’ve tried, they have too much fabric on to give your breasts the push and lift but it becomes too excessive. For those of us who have larger breasts, it’s uncomfortable and personally, I think it looks very unattractive. There is a point where TOO much isn’t a good thing.



Upbra bras are made by hand in the USA and are definitely a great alternative to surgery.


Instead of having an excessive extra cloth to give the push-up effect, these bras have adjustable straps at the base (inner front) of the bra, a patented Active Lift technology. This allows you to hook both sides to a different slot until you achieve your desired look. So you can go from normal cleavage to a larger cleavage. They can also be worn as ‘sexy’ sports bras for low-intensity workouts, they’re great for unevenly sized breasts and wearable 32 different ways. Their current bra sizes range from 32A to 38C. If you need something wider, there is an extender available as an add-on (which can be purchased anywhere as well), so you can increase the wing/band of the bra.



Classic Coverage Bras and Maximum Cleavage Bikinis

I’m so happy with my new strapless bras and can’t wait to get the other kinds. The Upbra line also includes the ‘Classic Coverage Bra’ (great under thin shirts or dresses) and the ‘Maximum Cleavage Bikinis’ (push up bikini tops with available bottoms). The best part is, they also have the same Active Lift technology, so you can adjust your cleavage with just a pull. I’ll definitely be adding these other types to my wardrobe, especially the bikini top! A lot of the bikini tops I’ve seen in stores have too much push or the underwire is so uncomfortable, so I’m happy there’s finally a better option with Upbra.



Wanna find out how you would look with different lifts and cleavage without the surgery? Go check them out and see for yourself at www.upbra.com. Also check out their sister site https://www.cooltan.com, featuring Tan-Through Swimwear. How cool would that be? No more ugly tan lines! Do you have a favorite bra that gives you that extra va va va voom lift? Comment below would love to know more about it.






**This is a sponsored post in which products were provided in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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