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How to Find Great Locations for Photos – Top 10 Spots for Instagram Worthy Photos

Do you ever look at photos on social media and envy the lavish lifestyles people seem to have?

I’ve seen so many amazing photos and think, ‘Wow, they’re so lucky they get to go to all these places.’ Well, don’t believe EVERYTHING you see on social media. You don’t need to be spending a lot of money to travel to get some really good photos.

Nowadays, everyone is a photographer. Wherever you go, you’ll find people taking pictures of everything and anything anywhere.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved taking pictures. I was one of those people who owned disposable cameras or bought the first-generation Cool Pix digital cameras and brought it everywhere with me. I was always constantly getting prints developed. I’m happy to say I’m an owner of a treasure chest full of printed photos. It’s good to reminisce sometimes.

Now, what’s even better, is our phones with advanced camera hardware and software. Suddenly, everyone’s a professional photographer.

With that said, most of us are still stuck on finding ideas for great photos to share on social media. Well, keep reading coz I’ll be sharing my Top 10 tips with you.

Top 10 Spots for Instagram Worthy Photos

  1. Take a Hike.

    Nature is the most amazing backdrop for any photo. If you look at Instagram, the most popular pages are the ones with a lot of nature photos. Whether you’re in the middle of the forest, standing beside a waterfall, passing over a suspension bridge, or just taking a leisurely nature walk, there are many places you can capture using nature’s beauty as your backdrop.

  2. Stroll Along the Dock or Pier.

    You don’t have to live in the city to get great photos. Search for the nearest dock and take photos of yourself staring out into the water or perhaps drinking a cup of coffee while sitting on the dock. Try to take photos when the sun is just rising or when the sun is setting.

  3. City Lights.

    If your camera is good at taking pictures in the dark, capturing the city lights sets a vibrant and really cool mood to photos. Take a picture by a lamp post or if it’s safe to do so, stand in the middle of the street when there aren’t any cars around and capture all the lights surrounding you. Be creative and do a jumping post, staring up at buildings or twirl with your arms up.

  4. Hotel Lounges.

    There are so many cute boutique hotels with very pretty lounges that are perfect for your photos. If they’ve got a really cool trendy entrance or perhaps a beautiful seating area or a gorgeous fireplace, go ahead and place yourself in the middle of it.

  5. Funky Walls and Landmarks.

    There are so many places you can find a solid bright neon-colored painted wall, interesting graffiti, or wall art. If you’ve ever been to Seattle, you probably sought out the famous ‘Gum Wall’. The strangest concept but definitely Instagram-worthy. Keep your eyes open when walking or driving around and you’ll be amazed at what you can find. You may also find ‘love locks.’ These are usually walls or metal fences filled with love locks that people have left behind. In addition, great landmarks can be found everywhere. It could be a historic building, in front of a church, or find a large bridge nearby. Get yourself close enough to take a photo in front of a popular landmark and use it as your backdrop.

  6. Building Entrance.

    As long as you’re not trespassing, take advantage of buildings or apartment buildings with fancy doorways, gates, or steps. Sit or stand in the middle when no one else is around and take that shot.

  7. Balcony or Rooftop.

    You don’t even have to leave your home for this one. Stand by the railings looking out to whatever’s ahead of you. Grab your wine and stare into the sunset. Or if you’re lucky enough, watch boats passing by on the ocean. Set your camera behind you to capture the moment.

  8. Park or Playground.

    This spot is a given. Use your creativity and capture whatever activity you’re doing. Perhaps you’re doing an outdoor workout session or sitting on the swing. Show your playful side by taking shots of you participating in your favorite activities.

  9. Beach.

    We ALL love a beach shot, don’t we? You don’t have to be in a bikini to take great photos at the beach. Grab a blanket and a picnic basket and create a nice romantic setting for yourself or a loved one. Maybe you prefer to read a book and relax out in the sun. You can also take a dip in the ocean and splash around. Also, you can watch the sunrise or sunset and capture the moment as shown below.

  10. Flower Festivals.

    These events have become a lot more popular in recent years and all thanks to social media. How many times have you seen photos of people on a farm somewhere surrounded by flowers in bloom for the season? The most popular ones I’ve seen are Tulip and Sunflower Festivals. Search for these types of festivals around you and grab your cute outfit and bring a friend along. Besides, you’ll need a photographer to make sure you capture the moment properly. If you can’t find any flower festival events in your city, search for other fun events worth taking photos of. It could be a Beer Fest, Food Truck Festival, Sporting Event, Concert, Parade, and many more. As long as you’re in the center of the festivities and having a good time.

Here’s a very important and handy tip that I want to leave you with.

If you ever feel awkward taking photos, because we’re not all models, and trust me when I say I feel ya, BE CANDID. Look away as if you’re staring at something from a distance or just deep in thought. It’s a lot less awkward than looking straight at the camera and not knowing if you should smile or be serious. If you’ve got the Zoolander Glare down, then, by all means, go ahead and look fiercely into that camera.

That concludes my Top 10 Spots for Instagram Worthy Photos. You may already have shots like these. However, start using the tips above and get your creative juices flowing to capture even more amazing photos with your camera. In addition, work on finding the best lighting and background colors for your photos, and get playful with your poses.

Have fun with it!! And don’t be afraid to take plenty of photos of similar shots. Therefore, you’ll have more options to choose from and you can even use different poses for later posts.

If you’re not already following me on Instagram let’s connect. Cheers, and catch ya on my next post! XOXO

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