A few weeks ago, I attended the KISSed in Van Event held at Opus Hotel in Vancouver. The event showcased the upcoming 2016 Fall & Holiday Collection from KISS. There were several bloggers, media and makeup artists in attendance. During the event, there were tables set up so attendees can get their nails and lashes done. Below are several items that are soon to be launching for Fall & Holidays. I must say, the PR giveaway was very generous and I’m very excited to use the items that I got. I absolutely love the stick on nails, they’ll be perfect for future events and fancy gatherings.


So many goodies to play with for the holidays!

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Halloween Collection:

Art stickers for face and nails that will be really fun to use for future makeup looks come Halloween.

KISS Lashes

Perfect timing! I needed new sets of lashes and KISS has launched several styles that are lightweight, inexpensive and look great from any angle. I love that the lashes go in different direction to appear more volumized.

KISS Nails

These stick on nails are Ah-mah-zing!! I especially love the gold and white gelFantasy. They were a hot item at the event and almost everyone who attended the event requested to have these applied. So elegant looking and in person they got a lot of compliments. Everyone else though I got my nails done professionally.

Thank you so much to KISS and the PR team for the invite! Looking forward to seeing future collections and I’m excited to wear these out over the holidays.


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