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Winter-Proof Your Skin with AlumierMD

A few weeks ago, I attended the AlumierMD “WINTER-PROOF YOUR SKIN” virtual event and learned about some of their best-selling winter products seen here.

These are medical-grade, science-backed professional treatments and can be purchased through professionally trained skincare consultants only.

I’m constantly looking for products that will lighten the brown discoloration and age spots on my face. As I get older, I’ve noticed my skin is not as oily or hydrated as it used to be, it’s now becoming drier and dehydrated. To be honest I prefer oily skin. Why? Because dry skin means more chances of getting wrinkles and fine lines, it also makes your skin look rough and dull.

During the virtual event, we had the chance to try out all the products together and applied them in order.


Application Guide:

*apply these products in the following order

-Bright & Clear Solution
-EverActive C&E + Peptide Serum
-Ultimate Boost Serum
-AluminEye Brightening Eye Cream
-Eye Rescue Pads
-Sheer Hydration SPF40 Tinted Moisturizing Sunscreen

I could feel a slight tingling sensation after first applying the Bright & Clear Solution, so you know the active ingredients are working, and my face looked brighter instantly.


The EverActive C&E + Peptide Serum is one of my favorites, it leaves my skin looking dewy and radiant. The no-makeup look works perfectly with this, skin is moisturized and glows all day.


For extra hydration, the Ultimate Boost Serum provides even more moisture to the skin and my skin feels nice and smooth afterward. Make sure to apply this all over including neck and decolletage.


The AluminEye Brightening Eye Cream has really rescued my under-eye circles from those sleepless nights and has improved the skin there, it’s no longer dry and has brought back the hydration loss.

The Eye Rescue Pads are a must, good to have, and can put them on any time of the day when your under-eyes need a little more TLC. Sorry, no picture here as I’ve used up the 1 pack and thrown the packaging before taking a pic.


As for the Sheer Hydration SPF40 Tinted Moisturizing Sunscreen, this is a daily essential. It has a very subtle tint perfect for natural-looking days, and let’s face, it 99.9% of us right now haven’t been wearing makeup as much. Not only does this provides a natural tint to your skin, but it’s also very hydrating and most importantly it’s an SPF4 sunscreen. Basically a 3-in-1 product – sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation(ish).

AlumierMD is also celebrating the launch of their global philanthropic project “The Alumier Foundation” which provides educational opportunities to children in an impoverished area of South Africa. It’s truly great to see brands that give back to the community.

As a former esthetician, being able to tailor specific skincare products to each person individually is a very important task, this makes sure you are providing the best care dependent on the client’s skin care goals and needs.

You won’t find these at local drugstores or big-box beauty stores, a consultation with a professional like a physician, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon is required. This allows them to assess your skin and recommend the best products to give you the best results. If you really want great-looking skin trust the pros.

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